SourceBoost 5.9.7 and BoostC 2.2.5 Beta
Right after the the previous release that was done a few hours earlier users discovered that the make system is broken. We decided to do another full release instead of a patch:
  • Fixed IDE bug when build command didn't work;
  • Fixed wrong code generated for volatile bit inversion in expressions like 'x = !x'.

SourceBoost 5.9.6 and BoostC 2.2.4 Beta
  • Fixed BoostC bug when wrong code was generated for conditional expressions like 'if( !x-- )';
  • Added more optimization for bit variables;
  • Added full dependency check for build command;
  • Several other minor changes in SourceBoost IDE and BoostC.

BoostLink 2.2.3 Beta
BoostLink bug fix patch:
  • Fixed context saving error that sometimes happens on PIC16 targets.

BoostC 2.2.2 Beta
Right after the patch that was made earlier today was released we discovered that one bug that was supposed to be fixed was still there. We decided to make another patch to fix this bug:
  • Fixed bug when compiler generated incorrect code for post-incremented indexes of arrays that are struct/union members.

BoostC 2.2.1 Beta
  • Fixed bank error that sometimes happened in the code for PIC18 targets;
  • Fixed errors in the code that access array elements that are members of struct arrays;
  • Some other fixes for the bugs reported since the previous release.

SourceBoost 5.9.5 and BoostC 2.2 Beta
  • Added support for high and low priority interrupts for PIC18 in BoostC;
  • Added dynamic memory allocation in BoostC (alloc and free functions);
  • Added wizard for BoostC toolsuite;
  • Updated LCD driver;
  • Fixed several BoostC bugs related to function templates;
  • Fixed several BoostC bugs reported on the forum.

SourceBoost 5.9.1 and BoostC 2.0.1 Beta
Bug fix release
  • Fixed couple BoostC bugs introduced in 2.0;
  • Added support for new 36 PIC18 and 9 PIC16 processors;
  • Added run to cursor command to SourceBoost IDE;
  • Some other small improvements in BoostC and SourceBoost IDE.

SourceBoost 5.9 and BoostC 2.0 Beta
Major BoostC release
  • Added full BoostC integration into MPLAB (including source level debugging);
  • Added more optimization into BoostC generated code;
  • Fixed BoostC problems reported since the previous release;
  • Fixed bug in C2C++ compiler when incorrect code was generated for pointer context inside methods;
  • Some small improvements in SourceBoost IDE.

BoostC 1.9.3 Beta
BoostC and pic18 simulator bug fix release
  • Reworked array initialization and handling in BoostC;
  • Added l-value check;
  • Added const check;
  • Fixed some other small problems in BoostC;
  • Fixed minor problem in pic18 simulator.

BoostC 1.9.2 Beta
BoostC bug fix release (hopefully now we've done it right)
  • Fixed bug when source file was deleted if preprocessor error happened (introduced in BoostC 1.9.1);
  • Fixed function overloading problem when string was passed as function argument;
  • Fixed problem with unnamed enums.

BoostC 1.9.1 Beta
BoostC bug fix release
  • Fixed problems with enum that were introduced in BoostC 1.9.

SourceBoost IDE 5.8 and BoostC 1.9 Beta
  • Added support for enums;
  • Corrected memory usage statistics;
  • Fixed browse problems;
  • Fixed IDE drag&drop problems;
  • Fixed external struct linkage;
  • Fixed overloaded function linkage;
  • Fixed other problems reported since 1.8 update.

BoostC 1.8 Alpha
BoostC compiler update release:
  • Added support for strings in code memory (rom char*);
  • Added LCD library;
  • Added I2C library;
  • Added RS232 library;
  • Added new BoostC samples;
  • Fixed problems reported since 1.7 update.

BoostC 1.7.2 Alpha
Bug fix release for BoostC compiler:
  • Removed expiration message reported by some users;
  • Some other fixes reported since previous release.

BoostC 1.7 Alpha
Bug fix release for BoostC compiler:
  • Improved code generation;
  • Fixed some code generation bugs;
  • Added support for static local variables;
  • Added preliminary support for function overloading;
  • Some other fixes.

SourceBoost 5.7 & BoostC 1.6 Alpha
The BoostC compiler is getting mature. Several our beta users reported success using BoostC in big projects:
  • Fixed several bugs in bank switch generation in BoostC;
  • Fixed several bugs in code page generation in BoostC;
  • Fixed all other problems reported by BoostC users;
  • Debug start was completely reworked in SourceBoost IDE;
  • News reader into SourceBoost IDE;
  • Fixed a pointer generation bug in C2C++;
  • Some other fixes.

BoostC 1.5 Alpha
Bug fix release for BoostC compiler:
  • Added delay functions;
  • Added random number generator library;
  • Fixed code generated for shift operations (again);
  • Fixed issues related to extern specifiers;
  • Added support for volatile variables;
  • Added preliminary support for function templates with const arguments;
  • Some other fixes.

BoostC 1.4 Alpha
Bug fix release for BoostC compiler:
  • Reworked bank selection;
  • Fixed code generated for shift operations;
  • Fixed code generated for multiplication by 256;
  • Optimized code generated for ~ operation;
  • Fixed issues with inline/static/extern specifiers;
  • Fixed issues with same variable declared several times;
  • Added check for constant used as variable initializer;
  • Some other small fixes.

BoostC 1.3 Alpha Bug fix release for BoostC compiler:
  • Fixed bank selection at function start;
  • Fixed values of character literals;
  • Corrected documentation about pragma DATA usage.

BoostC 1.2 Alpha Bug fix release for BoostC compiler:
  • Fixed code generated for shift operations;
  • Added #pragma DATA that can be used to:
            - set target configuration word;
            - put user data into eeprom;
            - put user data into code memory.
  • Fixed problem with 'extern' variable declaration;
  • A few other small fixes.

5.6.1 Bug fix release for BoostC compiler:
  • Fixed problems with pointer initialization with strings;
  • Fixed problem with clear watchdog assembly instruction;
  • Fixed duplicate global var problem;
  • Bit variables can now have fixed addresses;
  • Added support for bit constants in C;
  • Added support for embedded assembly operands in form D'num';
  • Fixed bug when MPLAB got corrupted if MPLAB integration during SourceBoost installation wasn't selected;
  • Fixed problem with 'extern' variables declaration;
  • Separate extra command line option fields for compiler and linker in SourceBoost Options dialog;
  • Other compiler improvements.

5.6 (06-Sep-2004)
  • Alpha version of BoostC the next generation C compiler;
  • Added PIC18 simulator;
  • Other smaller IDE improvements.

  • Bug fix release that fixes a problems caused by protection shell in 5.5 release.

  • Added button bar for debug related IDE windows;
  • Fixed minor symbol browser bug;
  • Fixed a few minor IDE issues;
  • Fixed memory leak in editor when folding was enabled;
  • Added call tree and data/code size statistics to IDE (this will work with the new compiler release)

  • Added support for PIC16F684 and PIC16F688;
  • Fixed occasional IDE lockup bug on multiprocessor systems;
  • Memory window shows location pointed by FSR;
  • Changed Plugins API to be compiler and MFC independent;
  • LCD Plugins emulates internal pullup resistors;
  • Shortened IDE and compilers start up time;
  • Some other small bug fixes and user interface improvements.

  • PicAnt IDE renamed into SourceBoost IDE;
  • Added support for Picc Lite compiler from Hi-Tech (including source level debugging);
  • Added toolsuit to work with assembly projects;
  • Added code window;
  • Added support for several PIC16 targets;
  • Added "Speed test" and "Analogue Voltage Source" plugins;
  • Fixed a few project wizard bugs;
  • Multiple small bug fixes and user interface improvements.

5.2.3 IDE bug fix release:
  • Fixed bug when bookmarks could not be removed;
  • The build command rebuilds whole project if changes in the project settings are made.

  • Build command now uses make to build the project;
  • Fixed memory map for PIC16F819;
  • Fixed various project wizard bugs;
  • Fixed compiler misinterpretation of '\0'

  • Added support for PIC16F72;
  • Eeprom window in PicAnt IDE;
  • Extra compiler optimization;
  • Added all patched released for 5.1.1.

5.1.2 Beta
  • Compiler now handles well expressions that contain numbers only (like in the #define COEFF (200+50+5));
  • Compiler does much better job in pointing to correct erroneous lines.

  • Added LCD Display Plugins;
  • Simulator performance when plugins are open is increased about 50 times, and 1.5 times without open plugins;
  • Added support for PIC16F87/88;
  • Toolsuit is now property of a project;
  • Added file grouping mode for the browse window;
  • Fixed simulator bug when instruction was not executed if breakpoint was removed from an instruction under PC;
  • Minor cosmetic fixes here and there.

5.1 Bug fix release that addresses problems of PicAnt IDE running under Win XP:
  • Fixed crash under XP when extra Plugins package is installed;
  • Fixed bug under XP when execution line was "lost";
  • Enabled shortcuts to start debug session by pressing any of F5,F10-F12 keys (continue, step over/into/out/back);
  • The source window state in debug session (max or not) is remembered;
  • Fixed a few minor things in the Project Wizard;
  • Added Project Wizard help;
  • Other minor cosmetic fixes.

  • Extra bank switch optimization;
  • Faster compile time;
  • Delayed Plugins dll load for faster IDE start up;
  • Fixed bug when pressing enter didn't do anything if the caret was at the end of a file (i.e. in an empty file);
  • Other minor fixes.

  • Reworked feature-rich project wizard;
  • New plugins:
    • Digital voltmeter;
    • I2C device;
    • Signal generator;
    • Stop watch.
  • Reworked Plugins API;
  • Analog connection simulation;
  • Device external pin access;
  • 10 bit A/D converter support;
  • I/O Port hardware simulation;
  • Port B interrupts;
  • Timer 1 and 2 simulation;
  • CCP simulation;
  • Comparator simulation;
  • Voltage reference;
  • Advanced Plugins interface, allowing analog voltage measurements with processor clock timing resolution;
  • Optional folding to the source windows (when parts of the sources an be collapsed/expanded for greater readability);
  • Matching/bad braces highlighting;
  • New syntax coloring scheme "midnight".

5.0.6 IDE bug fix release:
  • Fixed lock up and other problems related to plugins (especially the Logic Analyzer plugin);
  • Added "Smart Indentation" editor mode.

  • Fixed problem with interrupts in big projects;
  • Fixed simulator problem with INDF register;
  • Added extra optimizations;
  • Added program/eeprom data reserve pragma;
  • Some other fixes in IDE and compilers.

5.0.4 Bug fix release (the previous 5.0.1 patch was completely broken in respect of code page selection for PIC projects):
  • Fixed compiler code page switch problem;
  • Fixed start-up crash in the previously released 5.0.3 version;
  • Added "Logic Analyzer" plugin;
  • Added "7 Segment Matrix" plugin by Bert Drake;
  • Added flow control to the built-in PicAnt IDE terminal;
  • Key press immediately sends code in the built-in PicAnt IDE terminal;
  • Plugins API was extended a bit;
  • This release also includes the recommended path released earlier that includes fix for step back crash on some computers, rare incorrect file load for a debug session and a bug when the led block plugin is always connected to port B regardless of its settings;
  • Some other small fixes.

  • Compiler fix (fixes problem with const arrays)

  • Added terminal window;
  • Fixed a lot of small things here and there;
  • Now there is one installation package for C2C-plus, C2C++ and P2C-plus compilers.

5.0 beta 2
  • IDE with debugger, simulator, project wizard, symbol browser, plugin system etc.;
  • C2C-plus compiler with new const string generation scheme and bootloader support.

  • Compiler bug fix release (both c2c.exe and c2cpp.exe compilers);
  • Fixed bug when assembler block inside C code caused compilation errors.

  • Compiler bug fix release (both c2c.exe and c2cpp.exe compilers);
  • Fixed bug when under some rare circumstances wrong page instruction was generated in long programs.

  • Compiler bug fix release (both c2c.exe and c2cpp.exe compilers);
  • Fixed bug when .PAT scripts were not found by the compilers;
  • Increased maximum number of input files to 32;
  • Added warning about obsolete built-in variables for the PIC target.

  • Full featured preprocessor;
  • Fixed wrong code page number for SX48/52;
  • Some small compiler and IDE corrections.

5.0 beta 1
  • IDE with built-in assembler level debugger and clock accurate simulator ;
  • Added missing system header files;
  • French version;
  • Same IDE executable for C2C-plus and C2C++ compilers.

  • Added extra optimization for 16F5x targets;
  • Added system header. Add #include in your code to use register mapped variables in your code;
  • Fixed bug when PicAnt IDE hang when replace all command command was executed;
  • Fixed bug under Win XP the build command couldn't start assembler.

  • Bug fix release for PicAnt IDE only (fixes bug when on some computers IDE crashes while printing)

  • Bug fix release for PicAnt IDE only (fixes bug when IDE crashes after build command if the assembler fails)

  • Removed license node locking;
  • Medium and large projects compile 2 times faster;
  • Reworked PicAnt code that handles compile/assemble/... to fix the problem when relevant toolbar buttons didn't enable after compilation;
  • Added support for PIC16F73/74/76/77;
  • Enabled support for PIC16F630/676 from PicAnt IDE;
  • Added optimization of function parameter allocation;
  • Update the IDE version number to match the compiler;
  • Fixed bug when PicAnt IDE didn't start under Win NT;
  • Added auto update;
  • Small fixes here and there.

  • Improved optimization of generated assembler code;
  • Completely updated editor;
  • Fully customizable syntax coloring;
  • Symbol browser;
  • Fast browse inside current file;
  • Fast switch between source and header files;
  • Realistic print preview;
  • Customizable print headers, footers and margins;
  • Undo and redo;
  • New "Quick" project creation mode;
  • Ability to add multiple files into project from same file open dialog;
  • User defined editing macro;
  • Go to line dialog;
  • Multiple PicAnt IDE usability improvements;
  • Removed compiler built-in GUI.

  • Implemented workaround for the mpasm problem when MPASM can't handle labels generated from long function names;
  • Added support for PIC16F630/676;
  • Released Spanish compiler version.

  • Fixed bug when the linux compiler version crashed if the directory ~/.pat didn't exist.

  • Small fixes for variables with fixed addresses code generation;
  • Added .pat scripts to handle context saving for the PIC targets that have multiple register banks but don't have a common a register space between banks;
  • .pat scripts handling in linux compiler version;
  • Removed file extension association in PicAnt IDE.

  • Added support for PIC16C745/765;
  • Improved accuracy of 'delay_ms' built-in function;
  • Double click of an error in the PicAnt IDE output window now activates relevant source file and positions the cursor on the relevant line;
  • Some other small changes in the C2C-plus compiler and PicAnt IDE.

  • All patches are now included into this version;
  • Released French and German compiler versions;
  • Fix for PIC12F629/675 targets;
  • New sample code for PIC12F629/675 targets.

  • Path to the PicAnt IDE which adds customized Output folder into Workspace for easier file browsing;
  • Better coloring scheme for assembler files.

  • Linux compiler version released
  • Path to the console compiler copy releases (Console compiler copy now uses .pat scripts)

  • Fixed bug when the built-in 'delay_s' function sometimes didn't use right bank;
  • Fixed bug when each compilation generated empty .TMP file in source directory;
  • Console compiler version built using MSVC++ (previous one built using DJGPP has too many problems running under Windows 2000 (tm);
  • New IDE that works with C2C compiler:
    • Works under Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP (tm);
    • Modern interface;
    • Syntax coloring;
    • Sophisticated editor;
    • and much more...

  • Added support for PIC16F873a/874a/876a/877a;
  • Fixed bug when source files bigger than 64k didn't compile;
  • Added console compiler version.

  • Added support for PIC12F629 and PIC12F675;
  • Fixed contact info in various places.