BoostC Lite License US $4.99

A license with a small charge. Suitable for small projects. Limited RAM and ROM usage, Non-commercial use.

BoostC Standard License US $29.95

The standard license suits most users. Moderate size projects can be built. Limited RAM and ROM usage, Non-commercial use.

BoostC Full License US $69.95

The full license has unlimited RAM and ROM usage. Suitable for projects of all shapes and sizes. The definite choice of the serious programmer. Non-commercial use.

BoostC Pro License US $149.95

The Pro License has unlimited RAM and ROM usage. The correct choice for the professional programmer. This license allows commercial use. The BoostC Pro license also comes with a single user source code license for Novo RTOS.

Reorder license copy US $10.00

If you need a copy of your license (including license keys) reorder it here. Please use same name as in the original order and include product type and any other information that can prove your original purchase (like original order number).We won't be able to issue you a license copy if we can't find your original payment data

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SourceBoost CD pack with BoostC Licence

For users who want a BoostC license in a CD pack, please visit these distributors (all will ship world wide).

BoostC CD Pack Farnell In One

Pro License - Order code: 1219626
Full License - Order code: 1219627

BoostC CD Pack - Electronic Components

Pro License - Order code: 03M3110
Full License - Order code: 03M3109

BoostC CD PackMaplin Electronics

Standard License - Order code: N36CU
Full License - Order code: N37CU


SourceBoost IDE

The license for SourceBoost IDE is free. It can be used with any of the compiler licenses.

Single user/Single Node

All theses licenses are for single user, single node. This means that they can be used by one person on one computer.
The license can be transferred, for example your license can be used when you buy a new PC.